China Conference: Day 2


Day 2 of the 7th International Conference of Alternative Methods to Animal Testing in Guangzhou, China is well under way and the first session has been divided to give attendees a choice of two themed forums; ‘The 2nd 3D Skin Equivalent Summit‘ and ‘Younger & Cosmetic Industries‘.

The sessions included several presentations on the latest developments in Asia on the use of in-vitro skin, eye and hair product safety testing for cosmetics as well as use of alternatives in other sectors such as veterinary medicine.

Today’s second session is once again divided into two themes. ‘Toxicological alternative methods from research to validation’ focussed on several areas including Adverse Outcome Pathway approaches for toxicity testing, as well as skin, eye and anti-ageing cosmetics test methods, with speakers from China (CCARE) and other global stakeholders (Unilever, L’Oreal).

Cosmetics efficacy assessment from in-vitro to clinical‘ provided a variety of talks on human skin barrier testing, assessment of adverse reactions to personal care products and in-vitro hair care product safety testing.


The Lush Prize wins a prize!

Lush Prize was delighted to receive a commemorative personalised glass plaque at the conference welcome dinner, to mark our attendance as a guest speaker.

We have networked with a number of delegates who are interested in the Prize and want to find out more…