Working Towards a Paradigm Change

Lush Prize team members and winners have written chapters for an important new book that “critically reviews current animal use in science, presents new and innovative non-animal approaches to address urgent scientific questions, and offers a roadmap towards an animal-free world of science”.

Fifty-one experts contributed to Animal Experimentation: Working Towards a Paradigm Change, which was edited by Kathrin Herrmann and Kimberley Jane and published by Brill in April.

It is also available as an entirely free open-access publication on Brill’s website

The book is divided into sections, including:

  • Why and How to Shift the Paradigm
  • Politics and Legislation of Animal Experimentation
  • The Ethics and Philosophy of Animal Experimentation
  • Effectiveness of the Animal Model
  • The Paradigm Shift: Advanced Animal-free Approaches

Lush Prize’s Rebecca Ram contributed a chapter ‘Extrapolation of Animal Research Data to Humans: An Analysis of the Evidence’ and Craig Redmond wrote ‘When Is An Alternative Not An Alternative? Supporting Progress for Absolute Replacement of Animals in Science’.

Previous Lush Prize winners also contributing to the book are: Malcolm Wilkinson, writing about organ on a chip technology; Róber Bachinski on humane education; and Emily McIvor on politics and legislation.