This year’s Lush Prize will be judged on 20th September in London by a panel of independent science and animal welfare experts from within industry and Animal Welfare NGOs.

We also know that there is a huge body of opinion against animal testing amongst ordinary people  – and no one feels more strongly or wants changes more quickly than the general public.

So we have left room on the judging panel for one Lush Customer and one Lush Member of Staff.

You would sit with the experts, read through the entries and have an equal vote with them to decide the winners.  The judging panel will be sent entries in advance to read, before spending a day together to discuss and make the final winning decisions.

This is a really exciting and important opportunity to make a difference to the plight of animals in testing – and we know the right people are out there amongst Lush’s staff and customers.   Would you like to be the lay person on the panel who is there to represent animals and the public?  Then please write to us and tell us a little about yourself and why you think you would be a great judge for the Lush Prize panel.

Please send your applications to by the 30th August

Please only apply if you are available to read applications beforehand and are available on Friday 20th September to attend the judgement day in London.  All expenses for the day will be covered by Lush.