2021 Conference

The Lush Prize hosts a conference in each prize year to coincide with the awards ceremony and prize giving. They provided an opportunity for scientists, campaigners and other experts from around the world to exchange ideas and information about the movement to end animal testing.

We held an additional conference in 2021 on the theme of the role of public awareness in the replacement of animals in safety testing. Sessions covered regulators/legislators, general public, scientists and young people, and how creating and sustaining public awareness amongst these different groups can help end and replace animal research.

There were four discussion panels, each with three speakers and followed by a Question & Answer session, as well as three fireside chat interviews. Full speaker biographies are available here and the conference programme is available here.

A list of resources mentioned by speakers is also available here.

Panel 1: Public Awareness Through Campaigns and Investigations


Video timings:

  • 00:00 – 05:55 – Introduction
  • 05:55 – 19:50 – Dr Jen Hochmuth, Animal-Free Science, Belgium
  • 19:50 – 31:45 – Friedrich Mülln, SOKO Tierschutz, Germany
  • 31:45 – 47:15 – Camila Cortínez, Te Protejo, Chile
  • 47:15 – 01:08:15 – Question & Answer Session
  • 01:08:15 – 01:23:10 – Fireside Chat with Aryenish Birdie of Encompass


Panel 2: Creating Awareness Amongst Regulators and Legislators


Video timings:


Panel 3: What Role Can the Public Understanding of Science Play in Ending Animal Testing?


Video timings:

  • 00:00 – 04:07 – Introduction
  • 04:07 – 24:05 – Dr Kathrin Herrmann, Center for Alternatives to Animal Testing, USA and Animal Protection Commissioner of Berlin, Germany
  • 24:05 – 44:24 – Dr Aysha Akhtar, Center for Contemporary Sciences, USA
  • 44:24 – 01:09:30 – Question and Answer session [Dr Pranjul Shah, University of Luxembourg, joined the Q&A Panel]
  • 01:09:30 – 01:26:04 – Fireside Chat with Dr Sonja von Aulock, editor-in-chief of ALTEX – Alternatives to Animal Experimentation


Panel 4: REACH, current changes and their implications


Video timings:

  • 00:00 – 01:06 – Introduction
  • 01:06 – 14:25 – Dr Costanza Rovida, CAAT-Europe, Germany
  • 14:25 – 33:50 – Troy Seidle, Humane Society International, Canada
  • 33:50 – 51:00 – Dr Julia Fentem, Safety and Environmental Assurance Centre, Unilever, UK
  • 51:00 – 01:04:35 – Question and Answer session
  • 01:04:35 – 01:12:25 – Rob Harrison of Lush Prize launches the Lush Prize 1R Network


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2020 Conference

The 2020 Lush Prize Conference was held as a free online event over two days, on the theme of ‘Can Big Data Replace Animal Testing?‘.

Speakers included winners from this and previous years. Each panel session will include time for questions from the audience.

See details of all the sessions and speakers.


2018 Conference

The theme of the conference was: ‘Is there an end in sight for animal testing? Can Organ-on-a-Chip replace animal use in safety testing with advanced human focused approaches?‘.

See details of all the sessions and speakers.


2016 Conference

The theme of the 2016 Conference was ‘Regulating Chemical Safety – the future for animal use‘.

There were four sessions, and we have details and videos of some presentations here.


2015 Conference

The theme of the 2015 Conference was ‘Adverse Outcome Pathways – What, How and Where Next?’.

We had a day of discussion on this subject with presentations from winners of the 2015 Lush Prize and a range of leading speakers from around the world.

Photos of the event and speaker details and presentations are available here.


2014 Conference

The theme of the Conference was:

Is One R the new Three Rs? Does the consensus building around 21st Century Toxicology – a wholly replacement model (‘1R’) – mean that the 3Rs framework (refinement, reduction, replacement) is an idea that has had its day? Or does a significant pathway-based understanding remain so distant, that 3Rs will retain a relevance for many years to come?

We have presentations and videos from the sessions.


2013 Conference

Delegates exchanged ideas about recent developments in the replacement of toxicity testing on animals, and highlighted successful campaigns to change the rules around requirements to test on animals.

There is a video of the conference here