Public Awareness Prize Winners 2012


Three winners shared £50,000 of prize money for their work raising public awareness about animal testing


Japan Anti-Vivisection Association, Japan  were awarded £30,000 for their successful campaign to persuade Shiseido to abandon animal testing.

Hiromi Kamekura spoke to us when she collected the prize..



Decipher Films, Canada (£10,000)
For their feature film ‘Maximum Tolerated Dose’ on animal testing



VITA Animal Rights Centre, Russia (£10,000)
For their work on awareness raising with the Russian media




Also short-listed


Pro Anima, France
For their work on raising awareness of REACH and animal testing in France

Humane Society International
For their Cruelty Free 2013 campaign to enforce the European 2013 cosmetics testing ban

EQUIVITA Scientific Anti-vivisection Committee, Italy
For their work bringing the attention of animal testing to the wider global justice community

NOAH, Menschen für Tiere e.V., Germany
For the quality of their creative adverts and interventions on animal testing

Beagle Freedom Project, USA
For the high profile rescue of 40 beagles from a laboratory in Spain

Andrew Knight, UK
For producing the book ‘The Costs and Benefits of Animal Experiments’

Animal Friends Croatia
For their work on awareness raising in Croatia