Young Researcher Prize Winners 2012

Four winners shared £50,000 of prize money for their outstanding research work.

We have short video interviews with all of the prize winners.


Elizabeth Woehrling, UK (£12,500)
For her work on the development of a new in vitro test for neurotoxicity



Felix Rivera-Mariani, USA (£12,500)
For his work on expanding an existing non animal test into new areas



Chiara Scanarotti, Italy (£12,500)
For her work on skin sensitisation and chemical mixtures



Line Mathiesen, Denmark (£12,500)
For her work on studying the impact of toxics on placental tissue



Also short-listed


Susana Paço, Portugal
For her proposed work on computer modelling tissue regeneration

Tariq Mahmood, Pakistan
For his work on skin irritation and safety testing